Company Overview

Gamerbits Company

Talent from around the world

Gamerbits enjoys hiring expert contractors from many parts of the world, and encourages diversity in the workplace. Following a successful ICO Crowdsale, full-time positions will be available for these outstanding Gamerbits contractors, as it is their outstanding work that brought Gamerbits to where it is today.

Vladyslav K.

Wallet Team - ETH     
Design & customization of Gamerbits Ethereum Web Wallet software, with mentorship of wallet founders.


Paul Ryan B.

Wallet Team - ETH     
Iteration of Ethereum Web Wallet software, with multi-lingual support for targeted international customer bases.


Caesar L.

Explorer Team - Ethplorer     
Implementation & customization of Gamerbits ec20 token explorer using Ethplorer open-source technology.


Nader D.

Animations Team - Imaging     
Gamerbits company design manager, takes leadership in online content creation for clients domestic & abroad.


Scott B.

Front end UX/UI - Artist 
Bitboy© character design, storyline creator and lead of fanime novel creation for currency branding / marketing.


Sruthie K.

Gamerbits Logo - Designer 
Head of logo design & branding. Highly qualified Gamerbits brand artist, company image designer.


Roman T.

Javascript Junior Dev 
Indie JS game developer, majority developer of Javascript web game for Gamerbits Bitboy franchise and Javascript banner platformer.


Aaron W.

Omni Team - Updated 
Initial wallet testing and implementation of v1.0 software using Omni technology, with guidance from core project Founders.


Ian H.

Explorer Team - Ethp. 
Implementation & customization of Gamerbits ec20 token explorer using Ethplorer open-source technology.


Pedro D.

Design Team - Bitboy 
Indie Game Developer and head engineer of Bitboy mascot assets, and of future marketing materials including Bitboy graphic novels.


Cosme E.

Wallet Team Support 
Open-source dev providing secondary support to the core wallet devteam.


Milos M.

Server Maintenance  
DigitalOcean server admin, providing constant support & server-side bugfixes.


Chase D.

Marketing Team - Design 
Established logo & design artist; initial Bitboy mascot design skeleton models.


Github Community!

Codebase Extension 
Healthy activity from open-source devpool, taking Gamerbits into the future!


Alex Lee Sid - Executive Team

CEO - Asian Partnerships
Current project lead, original founder & partnership coordinator throughout Asia.


Arek H. - Executive Team

CTO - Technology Officer
Cheif Technology Officer, mananger of wallet & explorer teams, as well as new projects.


Xijia Hu - Executive Team

CMO - International Marketer
Taking charge of online project awareness in both the global sphere & Chinese web.


Hyeonjong L. - MaidSafe Korea

Crypto Escrow - MaidSafe Korea
A project tester and crypto escrow provider, allowing third party holding of funds.


WhiteOutMashups - Tech Advisor

Longtime project tech / business advisor, and additional third party escrow provider.


Mark R. - Local TO Twitch

Tournament Organizer
One of our local Tournament Organizers & Twitch managers, product feedback.

Our Partnerships

Twitch Partnerships

Our partnerships with Tournament Organizers and Stream Producers at Twitch will help kickstart adoption & investment.

MaidSafe Korea - Escrowing

At the forefront of the Decentralized Web, Maidsafe Korea is a close partner & provides multi-sig escrow of funds.

OmniCore Foundation

Gamerbits started testing in early 2015 as an Omni Layer Asset, which led to partnerships with leading crypto developers at Omni.