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Wallet v1.0.6. & Explorer v0.5.0

Our first versions of software running on Ethereum have been completed by our contract workers, and a successful ICO Coin Sale will allow additional iterations, along with promoted Apps on Google Play & iOS Store, as well as Desktop Software. Even in their early stages, all our Gamerbits Wallets provide complete third-party SSL encryption of data.

Gamerbits Core Web Wallet

Our Core Web Wallet offers general currency holding, sending & viewing for the masses. Outfitted with our company assets, the Gamerbits core wallet can easily be accessed from any device.

v1.0.6 Demo Chinese Version


Gamerbits Block Explorer

Our Custom Block Explorer is aimed at providing a streamlined experience for gamers and users to view the activity and appreciation of their tokens over time, and will feature "Richest List" Leaderboards.

v0.5.0 Demo Chinese Version


Gamerbits League Wallet Demo

Our League Web Wallet will cater to the global, multi-lingual League of Legends competitive community, and will be advertised free of charge to tournament organizers to kickstart adoption.

Software Testing Chinese Version


Gamerbits Dota 2 Wallet Demo

Customized around one of the fastest growing titles in eSports, our Dota 2 Web Wallet will facilitate player "money-matches," wagering and other tools for players to compete and cooperate.

Software Testing Chinese Version


Gamerbits Smash Wallet Demo

Although smaller than the other two areas of focus, the Nintendo eSports Industry is growing very quickly, and tournament organizers have been pushing for less reliance on Paypal due to recent events.

Software Testing Chinese Version


Gamerbits 2022 Hangzhou Games Wallet

Tailor-made with many translation updates for the Chinese market, our Gamerbits 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Wallet is the brand to be pushed into the first event where eSports are official Medal Events! .

Software Testing Chinese Version


Gamerbits SAFE Network Cold Storage App

Utilizing the built in physical security and encryption of MaidSafe's SAFE Network, the Gamerbits Cold Storage App provides a storage option for Gamerbits token private keys, or any other sensitive data.

Youtube Demo Github Release

Gamerbits SAFE Network Suite

We are excited to announce at least 3 additional applications being built with MaidSafe to provide additional security for Gamerbits currency, in the short term and long term. Read about them here!

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Twitch Partnerships

Our partnerships with Tournament Organizers and Stream Producers at Twitch will help kickstart adoption & investment.

MaidSafe Korea - Escrowing

At the forefront of the Decentralized Web, Maidsafe Korea is a close partner & provides multi-sig escrow of funds.

OmniCore Foundation

Gamerbits started testing in early 2015 as an Omni Layer Asset, which led to partnerships with leading crypto developers at Omni.