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Gamerbits is a new cryptocurrency specifically built to cater to the massive and growing eSports Industry. Through partnerships with tournament organizers, event promoters, streamers and top global players, the Gamerbits Foundation has created unique software to tokenize the entire industry, top down.

Disrupting Markets

Unique Vision & Crowdsale

Features that set Gamerbits apart

Completed & Market-Ready Software

Custom wallets catered to certain video games, custom block explorers, registered vanity wallets for top players, and much more.

$900k LIMITED Crowdsale

Unlike other ICOs that ask for excessive funding, Gamerbits asks for only what it needs, allowing for massive growth of coin value after the Crowdsale.

Public forum for Crowdsale Investors

Using the Discourse software, a public discussion forum has been created at, made for discussions, questions and project updates.

Self funded Foundation

The Gamerbits Foundation promotes long term growth of the currency through partnerships, marketing, outreach & sponsored events.

Powerful Industry Partnerships

Using a top-down approach to Industry adoption, we have targeted partnerships with streaming companies, top players, & tournament organizers.

Roadmap for long term growth

Our 10 year roadmap has various milestones and events that we are planning for, and more will be added publicly as our project progresses.

Our Partnerships

Twitch Partnerships

Our partnerships with Tournament Organizers and Stream Producers at Twitch will help kickstart adoption & investment.

MaidSafe Korea - Escrowing

At the forefront of the Decentralized Web, Maidsafe Korea is a close partner & provides multi-sig escrow of funds.

OmniCore Foundation

Gamerbits started testing in early 2015 as an Omni Layer Asset, which led to partnerships with leading crypto developers at Omni.

Caesar L.

Wallet Dev Team Member

Grant A.

Wallet Team Support

Arek H.

Explorer Dev Team

Roman T.

Javascript Junior Dev & Designer

Sruthie K.

Company Assets & Branding

Project Timeline

June 2015

Initial Gamerbits tests with Bitcoin & Omni
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Gamerbits was first conceived in early 2015 and the first tests were ran on Bitcoin & Omnicore technology (hence the name -- Gamer"Bits"). These rough Bitcoin tests were sufficient to transact in the currency and keep track of local torunament prize pools, as well as simple wagering functionality. However, Bitcoin transaction fees proved to be a very limiting factor.

First tests with Gamers & Tournament Organizations
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By the middle of the year, Gamerbits was conducting public field tests with local tournament scenes, to gague interest and need for this decentralized currency in the eSports Industry, catered to them specifically. These initial tests were very well received, and the project was worked on behind the scenes, in the developer's spare time, for many months after.


Project Revisions
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The Bitcoin colored-coin option gave many troubles, so a change was needed. Several tests were then conducted with other cryptocurrencies, most notably Charlie Lee's Litecoin. This proved faster, cheaper and more accessible, however this version of Gamerbits still did not feel finished. Again, the project was put on the side for the devs, as the foundational blockchain technology continued to evolve.

Drafting Ethereum Integration
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Another cryptocurrency that was trialed early on was Ethereum. It proved to be very easy to work with, and had a growing ecosystem of developers around it, with various differing specialties. Gamerbits was drafted in this system as it was with many others, early on.

Client tests with Gamerbits Ethereum Wallet
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At the end of 2016 & during the first few months of 2017, as Ethereum was really gaining traction in the cryptosphere (around $50), Gamerbits was revisited in Ethereum. It was making more & more sense to use this as our currency platform, and by the end we had a client-ready wallet ready for testing at eSports events. Our testing and feedback continued, leading into a powerful second half of 2017.


ICO Crowdsale - July 27th, 2017
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Gamerbits is opening itself up for funding from the public, so it may hire its contractors on full time, allowing it to iterate its software much more rapidly, and create an extremely powerful, full-time marketing force that will bring the currency to the largest eSports markets in the world.

Completion of Gamerbits Block Explorer - Sept '17
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The Gamerbits Block Explorer is to be brought to v1.0 by September 2017 to allow for its competitive leaderboards and vanity wallet outreach for top eSports players to begin, under the Gamerbits Foundation. This will be a huge outreach boost to the currency, pushing it into the eyes of the Twitch community.

Gamerbits Social / YouTube Marketing Begins
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While the Social Networking has already begun, the YouTube videos will begin to be finalized and released either during the crowdfunding campaign or very shortly thereafter. A YouTube message from our CEO is imminent, as well as a personal video by our CMO, to explain our American, Chinese and Global Outreach programs.

Gamerbits Listed on Exchanges - Q3/Q4 2017
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By this time, Gamerbits will be listed for trade on many exchanges, as it is a compatible token and initial communication has been made with several of the highest-grossing crypto exchanges, including Poloniex, Bittrex and many others, including South Korean & Chinese exchanges.

Initial Chinese Baidu / WeChat etc Marketing Campaign
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Gamerbits has made initial contact with the American office for the Baidu Chinese search engine company, to approve documents and have our main website listed in their search, which will help our current Asian outreach efforts by boosting it into yet another channel. In the meantime, our Weibo, WeChat, Youku and other campaigns are happening already & concurrently by our Asian Marketing team.

League of Legends Worlds Chinese Sponsorship
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Adding Gamerbits into the prize pool through free sponsorship, sponsoring top players with Gamerbits gear and currency, and partnering with Tournament Organizers to bring our wallet into this event are just some of the ways we are going to approach this torunament event in late 2017.


Desktop, Google Play & iOS Store Apps - Q1 2018

Our apps for both App Stores and Desktop software versions of the Gamerbits wallet are currently in production and will be available for public download and use in Q1 of 2018. Their release will be accompanied by a full marketing campaign where the software is pushed to both the global & Chinese markets.

Currency Integration with Chinese Mobile Game Vendors
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Partnerships are already being formed with desktop, mobile and console game producers to allow Gamerbits to be accepted as currency in these types of video games, to purchase various upgrades, bonus packs, in-game currency and more. This will push adoption even further.

Dota 2 World Championship Chinese Sponsorship
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Work is underway to bring Gamerbits currency into the Dota 2 International, which currently has a growing prize pool that is currently over $22 million USD. Integrating into this tournament alone would give a ICO ROI of well over 22x, or 2200%. Furthermore, specific sponsorships with certain players and more will be pursued, further increasing our growth potential in this event.

Extended 1st year growth roadmap Here


Increased Hangzhou China - Pre-Olympics Outreach
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Our current outreach in China will receive an intense boost as the 2022 Asian Medal Games featuring eSports loom closer. 2018 featured eSports as a demonstration event, and 2022 will be the first time they will ever be a true Gold Medal event in history, so Gamerbits is targeting many of the 44 locations in Hangzhou to integrate our currency, sponsor local players / merchants and more (including our customized functional wallet built especially for the event), so that Gamerbits may explode in use during this important event in history.

Hangzhou 2022 Olympics - eSports Sponsorship
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As said before, eSports was featured as a demonstration event in the 2018 Asian Medal Games, and will be played for the first time in history for Gold Medals at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games sponsored by sales giant Alibaba. Gamerbits is ramping up partnerships with tournament organizers, players and more as more information becomes available about the specifics of these state-sponsored plans. Our 2022 Hangzhou wallet has already been developed (live at and will be further customized so the currency can gain full benefits of the massive event.

WoW Global Tournament - Prize Pool Addition
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As more details are released about the WoW Global Tournament and other title's events in this year, Gamerbits plans to extend its current and future customized iterations to increase mass adoption to all relevant events during this and future years, as a follow-up to the first Gold Medal event in history.