Investment / Trading

A Limited ICO for A Larger ROI

Doing what other ICO projects don't

    Here at Gamerbits we take our principles very seriously, and have seen the Ethereum ICO market become saturated with projects asking exhorbitant amounts for their development. We ask for only exactly what we need for a successful global launch, and nothing more. This passes the rewards back on to our investors, allowing for thier ICO investment to have substantially more room for growth.

    We have created and released detailed cost estimates to give a clear perspective of our projected running costs and spending. This has led us our ICO cap figure, with padding for any unforseen added expenses as we progress. Our ICO is first-come first-serve, so as this $900k cap is reached, no further coins will be sold.

    We are releasing new materials about our planned marketing and partnership efforts throughout the world, which you may view on our Community Forums. They highlight our plans for global rollout, and sponsorship of high-profile players and events around the world. Especially, our plans throughout Asia and especially China are to be highlighted, as those efforts can lead to radical growth in the valuation and market cap of Gamerbits in both very short term and very long term, as an eSports cryptocurrency is able to cater to China's vast market in many more ways than one.

1st Year Plan Details         10 Year Plan Details

Short Term Coin Growth

Within months of our ICO Crowdsale, we expect to be able to cater to the Industry's software & currency needs in ways that will increase Gamerbits' value by magnitudes.

1st Year Plans

Long Term Coin Growth

Over the years, as eSports, crypto, and technology continue to evolve, Gamerbits will leverage that into unforseeable gains, completely unlike anything in this space.

Long Term Plans

Twitch Partnerships

Our partnerships with Tournament Organizers and Stream Producers at Twitch will help kickstart adoption & investment.

MaidSafe Korea - Escrowing

At the forefront of the Decentralized Web, Maidsafe Korea is a close partner & provides multi-sig escrow of funds.

OmniCore Foundation

Gamerbits started testing in early 2015 as an Omni Layer Asset, which led to partnerships with leading crypto developers at Omni.